Caribbean Life Island Tour & Dancehall Showdown

So Nice Promotion in association with 5 Stars Recording, Inc presents CARIBBEAN LIFE ISLAND TOUR & DANCEHALL SHOWDOWN, Saturday, April 29, 2017.

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Our Mission Is Simple

5 Stars Recording Inc. is the brainchild of Clifton Lawrence. He has an extensive background in the reggae industry spanning over twenty years. Clifton was born on the island of Jamaica, where his journey began. His musical travels started with his first record label named L&T, which was then followed by The Boss and Pimples. Seeing an opportunity to both, show his talents to the world and help new artists achieve their goals, Clifton took the industry by storm when he decided to start producing. He has helped to bring reggae to where it is today through working with the likes of Beenie Man, Bounty Killa, Admiral Tibet, Super Berry and Horace Martin.

5 Stars Recording has become the stepping stone for local artists and musicians, giving them an avenue to channel their creativity and talent. The company consists of a multifunctional record label, which offers much more than just a microphone. A few services that 5 Stars Recording offers are; Artist Development, Management, and Production. The fully equipped production team also provides a variety of services in itself which including; vocal recording, mastering, mixing, editing, songwriting and much more.

5 Stars Roster Of Artists

5 Stars Recording Inc. is home to some of today’s best reggae artist, Baby Chris, Iestro, Kaliba, Leopard and Lady Cashan. Clifton Lawrence and his success-driven team set the foundation for every piece of work that stems from this company. They are fully self-sustaining; all graphic design, websites, photo shoots, videos, production, and mastering are done in house. 5 Stars Recording’s first official project which is entitled, “What Is A Man” by Alibra, was released in 2004 and continues to draw in the attention of people from around the world even today. With extraordinary qualities and standards, 5 Stars Recording is looking to become one of the foremost leaders in not only the reggae industry but in the entire entertainment industry.

The company will continue to produce an evolution of great music with a mixture of the hottest blend of street anthems, sexy ballads, club bangers and heartfelt melodies.5 Stars Recording Inc. has proven to be a strong company, with strong people who love what they do and believe in the accomplishments of their company and its artists. It is a company that is reaching out into the community to provide the resources for undiscovered talent to achieve their goals. They are not just a cutting edge company; they are a family with open arms looking to nurture new talents in the hopes of making their dreams a reality.


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